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Back-to-School Business Trip Tips

Most of us survived, more or less, the first week or two of back-to-school chaos.  Our kids hopefully have all the backpacks, textbooks, and sharpened pencils they need. We’re all coping with those nasty alarm clocks that have the gall to buzz while it’s still dark out.

Now onto phase two: mastering our own absence when our kids are in school.

Leaving your kids behind during the school year is a challenge few …

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Top 100 Moms List In Honor Of Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, ModernMom is recognizing 100 Top Moms achieving significant life goals across twenty diverse categories from A-listers juggling the busy schedules of their kids to celebrity mom fitness instructors, financial wizards, physicians, foodies and former first ladies. ModernMom has always strived to be an inspiration to women around the world. By…

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2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up. Maybe it’s the one day a year you really feel appreciated. Maybe it’s the one day a year you indulge and buy yourself something special. Or, maybe you’re ready to print out a list or two and hide it in your partner’s work bag! Gifts are nice, of course, but…

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Skin Rules: Expert Secrets for Great Skin

No matter whether you’re fourteen or forty – we all want great skin! And who better to share tips and tricks for getting your natural glow on than an expert? Lucky for us, top New York dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, the author of Skin Rules, was willing to part with some of her secrets:

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Why Homeschool?

LIKE most parents, I had always looked forward to the day when my children would finally enter school. During those early years of infancy and toddlerhood, when mothering feels like such a full-time job, I would assure myself that I would have a glimpse of my old life back …