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Yes! Yes! Yes!

This morning I was so inspired. To my right was my daughter and my other daughter was close to me on my left. It was an emotional workout as I sat on my favorite bike at Soul Cycle. Maybe it was PMS, maybe fatigue from maxing out my work out, but for sure it was true love. The family fitness experience has been motivating and inspiring for all of my brood. The reality of being …

8 mins read

“We Need To Talk About Your Son”

I have a No Eggshells policy with my closest friends. We dont tiptoe around issues or sweep things under the proverbial rug. When theres an issue, we address it. When theres conflict, we resolve.The older I get, the more I appreciate this kind of frankness, which from my experience, is one mark of an authentic friendship. I need someone with whom I can be myself – who can laugh with me til …

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The Importance of Data Collection

Why collect data? What does data collection have to do with your child’s behavior(s)? In my last blog, I explained the term, S.E.A.T. SEAT is a tool to help us understand and root out the cause of a child’s unexpected and usually “bad” behavior. Was it a sensory issue, an escape issue, an attention issue, or a tangible issue that led up to a behavior?