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Show Me The Coupons!

Okay, so I admit it, I was never a big coupon lady. I blame it on the notion that I might have ADHD and looking for coupons just seemed like it would take that difficult word I struggle to have. Whats it called again? Oh yeah, patience. But its a whole new world out there. Couponing no longer requires such extreme patience and planning. Just click and print, baby. (And Im working …

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Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Planning your baby’s nursery is one of the first ways you will welcome him into your home. With the variety of furniture and accessories ranging from traditional to more contemporary and edgy, you can create a space for your baby that is safe, comfortable and reflective of your style. You can start by picking a theme, and then choose nursery colors, crib sets, furniture, wall art and other elements that bring it to life.