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Saying Goodbye to My Mom-Mobile

My dear sweet beloved car, lovingly known in my family as Stella, has been permanently taken off the of the road. I have no idea how we ever came up with the name Stella or why we named the car in the first place. I just know that when she broke down last week and made her final clicking sound, I must have sounded like Rocky from the famous scene in the movie as I stood there and yelled, Stella.

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Homeward Bound from Hawaii

An article from Traveling Pat! Patricia is a regular contributor. She has an adventurous spirit with a love for travel. Follow along with Pat as her journey takes her around the world. It was an interesting trip home from Hawaii… Enjoy! ps – my posting times might be a little random over the next few weeks in an effort to spend a little more time offline enjoying the holidays. Thank you for being here! 🙂 ?Wendy Irene Homeward Bound from Hawaii

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Rachel Ray Brand Teakettle Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of the Rachel Ray Brand Two Quart Teakettle. The teakettle has a stainless steel lid and black handle. It comes in four colors: orange, blue, green and yellow. Approximately 59,000 teakettles have been recalled. Water in the teakettle can spill and spray while being poured, posing a burn hazard. The firm has received eight complaints.