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Prevention of Heart Disease in Women

Crushing chest pain and pressure might clearly signal a heart attack in men, but women report different symptoms that accompany heart problems. Certain circumstances in particular put women at greater risk for heart disease, and learning symptoms and warning signs can help prevent serious problems.

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Stretch Mark Prevention During Pregnancy

For some women, the stretch marks that develop during pregnancy are a badge of honor. For others, they are a terrible nuisance. For a very few lucky women — 10 percent, according to the New York Times– they are a non-issue. If you are in the 90 percent of women who develop stretch marks during pregnancy, you probably want to know if they can be prevented. Unfortunately, it is not entirely possible to prevent stretch marks, but you can minimize their appearance.

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How to Deal With a School Bully

Learning to deal with different personalities and peer pressures is a natural, even healthy part of growing up as it teaches children how to handle what life throws at them. However, dealing with a school bully goes beyond a child’s normal social challenges and can have adverse emotional and physical side effects. Children who are bullied may have poor grades and suffer from mood swings and depression. Bullying can take on many forms from subtle verbal abuse to outright physical abuse.

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Brown Spotting While Pregnant

Any spotting or bleeding during pregnancy can be scary, but in many cases it does not signify a serious problem. This is especially true if the spotting is brown in color and if it occurs during the first trimester. In fact, spotting is relatively common during the first trimester, according to PregnancyToday. It is, however, important to contact your doctor whenever you have an onset of any kind of spotting during your pregnancy.

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Back Acne During Pregnancy

By the time you’re a few months into your pregnancy, you’ll know whether you’re one of the lucky few who have the legendary pregnancy glow or whether you’ll spend the next six months battling acne, like you did back in high school. If you’re plagued with pregnancy breakouts on your back and shoulders, they’ll most likely disappear a few months after your baby’s birth, but a few basic steps will help you avoid unsightly spots.