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Blue Bell Recalls All Products

Don't even think about eating ice cream without reading this! Blue Bell recalled all of its products, yes, everything, including everything currently on store shelves throughout the nation due to potential listeria contamination. The company made a statement that they are recalling their products (ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and frozen snacks) based on test results that…

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Weight Loss Products With Hoodia

It’s almost impossible not to be a little curious about hoodia. There are a baffling and extensive choice of nonprescription weight loss aids on the market, but manufacturers have gone out of their way to promote Hoodia gordonii as the holy grail of natural appetite suppressants. The truth about hoodia weight loss products is far less enthralling than marketing claims, however. There’s been scant research conducted on how hoodia actually works in the human body. Furthermore, many hoodia products aren’t likely to contain real hoodia gordonii.