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Maid to Last: Tips for Hiring Home-Cleaning Help from the Pros

If youre coming to the conclusion that life is too short to have to clean your own home, you might be ready to hire a helping hand that can get the job done for you. However, before you hand over your house key to any house-cleaning service, it is critical that you first do your homework in order to find a cleaning expert who not only knows how to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently, but who also has a proven track record of integrity, reliability and accountability – someone you can trust to clean your home in your absence.

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How to Reduce Cat Allergies

Many families delight in having a cat as a pet, but for some kids, this family addition presents a medical challenge. As “Parents Magazine” reports, 10 percent of all individuals suffer from some form of pet allergies. If you discover, perhaps too late, that your child is one of this unlucky group, you don’t have to dump kitty — or your kid — at grandma’s house. While some opt to get rid of the medically irritating cat, you can opt to keep the family pet with options that can help reduce Fluffy’s allergy impact.

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Sofa Cleaning Tips

Whether your sofa needs just a little freshening up or a more complicated stain removal, the proper cleaning methods are essential. The last thing you want to do is use the wrong cleaners and damage your sofa. Several different home-cleaning methods can help you remove dust, dirt, spills, stains and mold. You can usually clean your sofa at home without the help of a professional. For severe stains, a professional upholstery cleaning company or repair service may be needed.

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Carpet Cleaning Guide

To keep the carpet in your home looking good, lasting long and remaining hygienic, you have to clean it regularly. If you have an active house with kids and pets, you probably find yourself fighting an uphill battle trying to keep your carpets clean. After you check with your carpet’s manufacturer for any particular cleaning instructions, you can compare the different carpet cleaning methods to determine which is right for your carpet.