2 mins read

Gluten-Free Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Last weekend when my daughters woke up, they wanted my easy (and healthy!) oat pancake breakfast and pleaded for me to put a few chocolate chips in. They had some friends sleeping over and I wasn't aware that one of the little girls couldn’t have gluten. Thank goodness that Quaker had just sent me their…

3 mins read

Banana Almond Butter Bread

As Moms and registered dietitians, we've found one of our favorite ingredients to be the humble banana.  This budget-friendly fruit not only helps to flush bloat thanks to being packed with fiber (to help prevent constipation and the unsightly gut-bulges that come with it) and with potassium (to help counteract puffing-salt), it also naturally sweetens…

5 mins read

Why Husbands Make the Best Earmuffs

My parents left yesterday after a two and half week visit. Mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner (and all the other dinners in between) and set up my Christmas tree. Dad fixed everything around the house that was broken, and what he broke while here (I swear my toilet automatically shuts down when it hears my fathers voice).

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Strawberry Banana Sorbet Recipe

Strawberries and bright vibrant colors remind me of spring and summer. Right now, Im so excited about spring! This is the time of year when Im craving a change of seasons – winter can start to feel so long and dreary in the Northwest.Some people put flip flops on to signify theyre ready for spring. Others wear brightly colored clothes. Me, I make food that shows my devotion to sunshine and blue …