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When to Start Using Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are a worry for many women during pregnancy. Unfortunately, genetics plays a big role in whether you’ll get these unsightly tiger stripes on your belly and breasts. Stretch mark creams can help to keep your skin moisturized and soft throughout your pregnancy, improving its elasticity. They may also reduce the tenderness and discomfort that accompanies stretch marks some of the time. How soon you start stretch mark cream is up to you, but starting it earlier rather than later can help. Additional treatments are an option postpartum.

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How Do I Reduce Eye Puffiness Naturally?

The tender tissue below your eyelids is a common area for fluids to collect. Because the skin in this area is extremely thin, fluid retention is more readily apparent. This may happen for a variety of reasons, including allergies, crying, excess sodium levels in your body, certain illnesses, medications and hereditary factors. Even your sleep positions can contribute to fluid retention in your under eye area. Natural methods to reduce the puffiness include a combination of topical treatments and lifestyle changes.

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Makeup for Stretch Marks

People get stretch marks when the collagen in the skin breaks down under the stress of extra weight. Common reasons for stretch marks include a pregnancy, gaining extra weight, bodybuilding and rapid growth during puberty. Stretch marks look red in the beginning and turn white as they heal. Massaging stretch marks with a lubricant, such as cocoa butter, can help scars heal better, says Dr. Michael Bermant, board-certified plastic surgeon in Virginia, on the Plastic Surgery 4 U website.

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How to Remove Hand Age Spots

Age spots on the hands can come in a variety of shades and have different nicknames, such as liver spots, according to the Mayo Clinic. Whether they are called “age spots” or “liver spots” or are brown or gray in color, this aspect of the aging process can reduce a womans confidence in her appearance. While age spots arent always preventable or easy to remove, women suffering from such marks on their hands can try several at-home and medical remedies to try to remove them.