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Create Spark Between the Sheets (Sans Sesame Street)

Having a child, its often remarked, is the ultimate gift. The follow-up should be (but never is) that it can come with a price. Often, when a couple has a child something gets lost between play dates and changing diapers. Free time becomes more about grabbing a couple of extra hours of sleep than making love. How can you and your partner rekindle your romantic relationship after having a child?

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Michelle Obama Leaves Pennsylvania Avenue for Sesame Street

The first lady recently met up with good pal Elmo on Sesame Street to create a PSA promoting healthy eating habits.The video is part of Sesame Workshops Healthy Habits For Life initiative, and features Mrs. Obama explaining the impact of being a healthy role model as a parent. Says Michelle, If you want your child to have healthy habits, practice healthy habits, too. Because youre your childs best role model. Do you think the cameo will help make an impact?

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The Road to Reading

My sister taught me how to read. Sure, there were a long line of teacher lessons, flash cards and episodes of Sesame Street that primed me for the big moment, but those memories are vague and faded – mere baby steps on the grand journey to literacy.

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Children’s Books That Help You Explain “Gay” To Your Kids

Even though Sesame Street announced that long-time roommates Ernie & Bert are not getting married, there are plenty of kids in the world who have gay parents, relatives, neighbors and friends.And as the world changes, and the concept of family evolves beyond the traditional nuclear model, it’s more important than ever to teach your children about tolerance and acceptance.

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On the Set…

I’m on the set with The Doctors, filming with Sesame Street characters! I promise I’ll write a blog later. Have a great day!