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Mommy Makeup Tutorial: How To Wear Gold & Silver Eye Shadow

The holiday season is here and it’s the perfect time to bring some glamour and glitter to your makeup look.Try these five easy steps using gold or silver shadows to add some twinkle and shine to your eyes!Step 1Apply a gold or silver shadow all over the eyelid (pat/press color onto lid with a flat eye shadow brush). Keep applying until you see the color really popping.Step 2Add …

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The President’s Volunteer Service Award

2024 President Volunteer Service Award We are pleased to share and announce!   ModernMom is honored to serve as a Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award.   The President's Volunteer Service Award provides ModernMom with an opportunity to pay tribute to and celebrate our exceptional volunteers while acknowledging the significant difference they create.…

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Why It Sucks To Be The Second Child

It sucks to be a second child. Being a first child myself, I always kind of knew this, but it wasnt until recently that Ive really come to understand just how hard it is.When I was a kid, I used to torture my poor little brother. My favorite line to use on him was that I was bigger, faster, smarter and stronger, and it made no difference to me whatsoever that I was only conferred those advantages because Id been born three and a half years before him. I didnt care that one day he would most certainly be bigger, faster, stronger, and maybe even smarter than me. At the time, he wasnt, and I let him know it whenever I got the chance. It wasnt until I took Psych 101 in college that I even thought about the damage I might have done to his self-esteem. But now that Im the parent of a big sister/little brother, Im really starting to see how awful it must have been.