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Parents: It’s Time to Start Taking Tech Responsibility

Over the last three weeks, I have read various articles on how parents are being caught unaware when their kids are using their smartphones, tablets or console gaming systems and then are horrified when they get their credit card statements. What parents realize is that they were charged gobs of money while their kids were using their devices unbeknownst to them. (I will admit that this blog post might turn into a bit of a rant)

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Fun Date Night Ideas

While there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, sometimes date night can mean something more adventurous or romantic. Even a variation of the classic theme, such as a gourmet picnic dinner and a drive-in movie, adds spice to the ordinary date night. People on tight budgets also have numerous options for planning fun date nights. Brainstorm your common interests and start exploring your town for up-and-coming spots, favorite nature areas or free attractions that will help make for an enjoyable date.