3 mins read

Prince, Heroin and Your Medicine Cabinet

The news that the artist and musician Prince died from an accidental fentanyl and heroin overdose is tragic. But the fact that a lethal ingredient commonly mixed with heroin killed Prince should scare, as well as sadden, parents. Any of our kids could die this way. The dangers lurk in an innocent place – our…

6 mins read

Mom’s Internet Safety Cheatsheet

For many of us, using the Internet can seem like walking through New York City without a map. Everything is new and interesting, but also a little bit intimidating, especially when you don’t know how to navigate. Even more scary are all the horror stories in the media about the dangers that the children face online.

5 mins read

Cigarettes, Booze and Kids

Two Sundays ago, I picked up my nine-year-old daughter from a girly girl sleepover birthday party at her friend Jo-Jos, five minutes from our house. In addition to her rumpled pink sleeping bag, my daughter left the hosts front door carrying a purple balloon and a goodie bag filled with unicorn stickers. Before we got home, her eyes welled with tears.