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Unsubscribe? Yes Please!

What on earth is going on with spam titles? Today’s Inbox: Depressed? Free Maid Service! Looking For a New Mate? Overweight? Love Blueberries? Depressed Im writing back! Depressed? -Naah, didnt get much sleep last night because my sons woke up at 11pm and played superheroes, and then my pager went off, and Im a little whiney. But not really depressed depressed. In a grumpy mood, a little PMSish, but – no – not depressed. Free Maid Service! – Yep. Ill take that!

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Our house is not the only thing that is overflowing with toys and leftovers these days, so is my email! It is that time again to start hitting the little, tiny button at the bottom of each email…unsubscribe. Between online purchases and browsing for gift ideas my email is busting at the seams.

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What’s For Dessert? Southern-Style Bourbon Pecan Pie!

During our Southern Sugar Expedition, (see previous blogs), we scooped a few finds along the way to share with yall. First and foremost, we stumbled upon Garden & Gun: Soul of the South magazine. Angeleno eyes had never laid eyes on such a publication. Reading Garden & Gun from cover to cover was like the sensation you get when you exit a theater and declare, That was the best movie I ever saw. The bottom line is, the editor knocks this one out of the park. The Sugar Mommas subscribed immediately and we can attest to its consistently stellar content.