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Signs of Hypertension During Pregnancy

Simple hypertension in pregnancy, also known as gestational hypertension, is not an unusual complication of pregnancy. Gestational hypertension is merely an elevation in blood pressure that needs to be monitored, but in some cases it can develop into a more serious condition known as pregnancy-induced hypertension. It’s important to be on the lookout for signs of pregnancy-induced hypertension, as it can often be a precursor to a life-threatening pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia.

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Cereal May Help Fight Off Hypertension

Beginning each day with a bowl of cereal, especially a whole-grain variety, could shave up to 20% off your risk of developing high blood pressure, according to preliminary research presented at an American Heart Association meeting last month in Atlanta. Although cereal alone won’t do the trick, eating it regularly may be an easy and practical way to prevent hypertension, the researchers point out.

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How to Repair Dry Hair Extensions

Despite the fact that it grows from living material, hair is actually dead once it leaves the follicle. This is why hair requires special care to keep it looking its best. Your scalp also helps with this task by producing oils that keep your hair hydrated. Hair extensions can add length to your style and require just as much care as your real hair. Since they are not living hair attached to your scalp, hair extensions lack the oils that your own hair receives. This can leave them looking dull and dry. Repairing them requires the use of a conditioner at least once a week.

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How to Make Your Hair Extensions Soft

When you first have hair extensions put into your hair, they look lush and soft, but as time goes on, they can dry out. This is true whether you have real or synthetic extensions and whether they’re braids, weaved or glued in. Shampoos, styling products and styling equipment are the usual causes. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hair looking great again — just take proper care of your extensions to make them soft and silky.