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How to Travel With Baby Milk

Traveling can be difficult at even the best of times, but if you’re carrying formula or breast milk with you, things get a little more tricky. According to the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, you are allowed to bring more than 3 ounces of breast milk or formula on the plane, with or without your baby, as long as you declare it at the security checkpoint. Prepare ahead of time to ensure that you keep baby’s milk safe and that you don’t encounter trouble at security.

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Beach Day Must-Haves

It's summer which means the beach! We rounded up some fun and useful items for the whole family. This beach towel will definitely be a hit at your next beach or pool day. It's none other than a giant Pink Pop Tart Beach Towel with a bite taken out of it! Absolutely adorable and has…

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Seven Parent-Approved Games Your Teens Should Be Playing

The first question most parents ask when it comes to teens and video games is whether the game is appropriate. Video games are often stereotyped as violent, but more and more of them are challenging that old association. Many games feature complex, nuanced storytelling. They educate players about important topics like free will, gender politics and self-expression, and teach skills like improved visual processing, problem solving and fortitude. A growing amount of research shows that …

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Why Gwyneth Has A Point

Gwyneth Paltrows smug smirk, flat stomach, and shiny keratin-straight hair all make my stomach twist. Even before last weeks Im the actress who is more clueless than George H.W. Bush gaffe about working vs. starlet moms, we all had plenty of reason to despise her. For Gods sake, she was engaged to Brad Pitt before his scruffy goatee days. She got to wake up next to THAT back in his …