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Sun, Fun and Rays not X-rays: Top Summer Safety Tips

Summer is right around the corner, and if your kids are like mine, they are dying to get outside to play. So with that in mind, Ive put together a list of a few of the more common summer-time mom-ergencies, and some tips to help you enjoy your summer days and beautiful sunsets at home, instead of the Emergency Room.

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Lorac TANtalizer

My youthful days of running around carelessly in the sun are now a thing of the past. With studies showing the harmful effect of UV rays on the skin, I am not as saddened by my new sun “underexposure”.

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Dr. Dennis Gross Active Vitamin D Serum

During these cold winter months, it is easy to start missing those sunny days of summer! While you are cooped up in your home away from the cold, make sure to treat your skin to some summer love. Dr. Dennis Gross Active Vitamin D Serum is exactly what your skin needs for a quick, summer fix. This amazing serum provides your skin with active vitamin D that we usually get from the sun’s UV rays.