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An Exciting Night Out Without The Baby

The following is a guest post from Raquel D’Apice, founder of the humor/parenting blog, The Ugly Volvo.A transcript from the night when we excitedly went out to a restaurant and left the baby with my parents:Jonathan enters the restaurant grinning and sits down across from me. Jonathan: Ready for our hot date? Me: I know look at us going out to dinner like regular adults who dont have a baby …

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Teens and College Students: Prime Targets for Identity Theft

A recent article warned that young adults aged 18 to 24 are among the last to detect identity theft. Especially at risk are college students, many of whom are away from home for the first time and are now starting to be independent. People in this age group feel entitled to adult treatment but frequently ignore adult responsibilities, such as keeping a close eye on finances.

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Why Little Black Bag Could Be Your Next Shopping Obsession

The following is a guest post from Pathini Munasinghe of Little Black Bag One of the best aspects of living close to my sister, Melissa, is the ability to shop her closet. We usually plan a monthly play-date for our kids, and while theyre playing, I raid Melissas shopping bag filled with gorgeous jewelry, clutches and scarves. Its a perfect relationship – she swaps out her accessories while I have fun freshening up my wardrobe.