6 mins read

How To Build A Website For Independent Sales Reps

Women earning extra (or sole) income as independent sales representatives isn’t a new trend of the 21st century. There have been “Avon Ladies” for decades, and your own mom probably attended or hosted her fair share of Tupperware parties. Of course, the main difference these days is technology. Leveraging social media to host virtual sales…

2 mins read

How to Guess the Gender of Your Baby

Sometimes the ultrasound just can’t quite pick up the sex of your baby on your first visit. Or maybe you’re waiting to be surprised at the time of delivery. Either way, there are more old wives’ tales about guessing the gender of your baby then there are babies, it seems. While most of these methods have no scientific merit, they’re still fun to toss around with your family and friends to keep the excitement and suspense of your baby’s arrival in full swing.