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Is Your Child Wearing The Right Bike Helmet?

May is National Bike Month! You read that correctly, bike riding has its own month. How great is that? Aside from the fact that bike riding has a dedicated awareness month, there are a number of reasons to continue biking as a family throughout the year (if weather permits): Fresh air Healthy alternative to using the car Healthy family activity Opportunity to explore your local community Bike Riding Safety TipsTracy Zaslow, MD, medical director …

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Heidi and Seal Set Strict Rules About Swearing

When it comes to their household, Heidi Klum and hubby Seal don’t allow any potty words to be uttered. When were around the children, we really make a point in our family to not curse or say potty words, Heidi, 37, tells People. My husband and I try our best to make sure our kids are proper and have good manners. Theyre already saying things that they shouldnt be saying at their age.