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Music Therapy for Children With Developmental Disabilities

Children with developmental disabilities may benefit from various types of interventions, including speech therapy, physical therapy, tutoring and academic or emotional counseling. Music therapy serves a specific role in that it fosters creativity and relaxation while also potentially boosting processing skills, fine motor skills and social skills. When considering music therapy, select a credentialed professional music therapist who has experience working with children with special needs.

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Recreational Activities for Children With Disabilities

Recreational activities for children with disabilities is one the most valuable experiences you can share with them. Because they may not be able to communicate their specific wishes for types of recreational activities they would like, it is important to try many different types and see how they respond. The following article details several types of recreational activities for children with disabilities and offers expert insight on the matter.

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Montessori for the Modern Mom

Montessori. You’ve heard of it. You’ve probably misspelled it. You’ve drooled over the beautiful materials, the sweet, child-sized everything. Maybe you’ve considered implementing it with your family. But then, you started reading about it and yikes-- it sounds like you’d have to overhaul your entire life to make it work. Not only that, but it seems…