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Five Best Practices for School Success

“You don’t have to make it perfect, but you can make it great.” – Alessio, my 5-year old son, advising his frustrated little sister on why her squiggly lines are okay in her first attempts at writing the alphabet

It’s back-to-school time again.  In families across America the homework showdowns have already begun.   Parents struggle with homework almost as much as kids do.  After a full day at school, it’s hard to get …

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Why I’m Jealous of My Husband

Im hoping to make it to the movie theatre this month to see the adult comedy The Change-Up, starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. For one, I definitely need to get a date-night on the books – with three kids, one being a toddling 11-month-old firecracker; weve sorely neglected couple time over the past year. But beyond the date, Im finding myself eerily drawn to the plotline of wanting to swap lives with someone else – my husband.

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Cut the Stress of Caregiving: Start Journaling

Taking care of a sick or elderly loved one can be emotionally gratifying but it can also be exhausting and stressful. This is especially true for those of us in the so-called sandwich generation who are taking care of children while simultaneously taking care of elderly parents. Working long hours, living far away from our parents, and worrying about their wellbeing also adds to our stress.

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Celeb Beauty Tips

A life in the spotlight and a staff of stylists make many celebrities experts on beauty and fashion. Give your look a star-studded update by employing Hollywood beauty tips and products. The best aspect of giving yourself a celebrity-style makeover is that most Hollywood personalities change their looks frequently, giving you more inspiration to experiment and improvise.