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Put Your Money To Work!

Seems like every time I turn around one survey after another is asking me about my income. Even my church seems to care how much money I make! I find it amusing that not once in the past 43 years have I ever been asked how much money I save. And at the end of the day isnt that a more relevant number? Its time to stop thinking only about the amount of …

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Study Finds Father’s Age is Linked to Risk of Autism

A new study published in the journal, Nature, found that a mans age may affect his childs chances of developing autism or schizophrenia. This is because random mutations in the chromosomes provided by the father become more prevalent as the man gets older. The research was prompted by the belief that increasing cases of autism in the last few years may be due to the increasing age at which couples are starting families. However, it also noted that the age of the mother had little or nothing to do with the outcome of her child developing autistic traits.

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Leaving a Marriage

Leaving a marriage is a huge step and means admitting to yourself that the relationship just isn’t going to work. For many people, just the idea of leaving can be daunting, let alone the mechanics of it. Before you leave your marriage, it’s important to make sure you’ve evaluated the situation to be certain it’s what you need to do, come up with an exit plan and have some idea how you will break the news.