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Hypertensive Children

Hypertension or high blood pressure used to be an adult disease; however, it has steadily increased in prevalence among children. The more common childhood obesity becomes, the more children will develop high blood pressure. Hypertension is a significant risk factor in coronary artery disease. Understanding the ramifications of having high blood pressure as a child and what can be done to prevent it will help the child grow into a healthier adult.

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Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control

A woman can only get pregnant in the 24 hours after ovulation. By accurately predicting when ovulation occurs, you can have unprotected sex without getting pregnant. The fertility awareness method of birth control involves tracking your menstrual cycle to determine your “fertility window”–a period of time before and after you ovulate. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you simply don’t have sex or use barrier methods of birth control during this time.

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Best Diet for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a struggle that most people will go through at one point during their lives. Hundreds of diet and exercise programs have been developed to help people with their weight loss battle, although many of them can be confusing and extremely costly. Different people have different dietary needs, so customizing a diet to your lifestyle is necessary for success. The best diet for weight loss varies from person to person, but with hard work and determination, any weight loss goal is achievable.