4 mins read

Understanding Men in Love

Understanding men is a challenge in and of itself, even though they claim we’re the complicated ones. A man in love is an even more complex being; so complex, in fact, that sometimes he may act like a woman. All those strange things he does make sense, somehow, if we can step back and look at him not as a man, primarily, but as a human in love, subject to emotion, passion, self-doubt, ecstasy and sappy poetry.

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My New Family Rules: Please Don’t End Up Dead Or In Jail!

Two distinctly different pieces of paper taped inside one of my kitchen closet doors recently caught my eye. It is amazing that I could see anything in that mess, actually. I long ago ceded that 10 by 6 foot cave to the coats-snow boots-dirty laundry maelstrom of life with three teenagers, four cats, and a 75 pound shaggy black dog.However, since the kids open these doors 20 times a day, the closet doors have …

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Do You See What I See?

It is hard living in the world we live in. I find it so easy to see nothing but hate, sadness, tragedy, and despair. It is a cold and lonely place out there. We are all pitted against each other in a time when we would gain so much more if we were cheering for…

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What Your Child’s College Doesn’t Want You To Know

I was 18, a college freshman thrilled about living on my own. I was also secretly petrified without my parents protection and rules. As part of learning how to take care of myself, I attended a campus safety orientation for freshman women.The goal was to empower us to avoid being victims of sexual assault while at college. We were issued a rape whistle on a red neck lanyard. We were told to memorize all …