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Tips For A Fun Day At The Zoo

Going to the zoo with my family to kick off summer break has been a tradition for us since our oldest child was a baby. We always have so much fun watching as the kids take in all the animals and their, at times, very comical quirks. I myself love to observe the mama animals…

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Early Childhood Caries (ECC)

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, Baby Bottle Syndrome, Nursing Bottle Mouth, Early Childhood Caries (ECC); these are all terms for tooth decay in a child 6 years old or younger with: 1 or more decayed teeth Missing teeth (resulting from tooth decay) Filled surfaces in any primary (baby) tooth Tooth decay in baby teeth leads to tooth decay in adult teeth. It Can Happen to Your Child

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Birthday Games for Girls

Girls and boys are different. While there are always exceptions to the rule, it’s almost a given that a little girl’s birthday party is going to be different than a little boy’s birthday party–right down to the decorations and the games. Think about what your daughter loves to do, and choose birthday games for your birthday party that will delight the birthday girl and her female friends.