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Infant Group Activities

If you are hosting a play date with all your mommy friends and their babies, plan some group activities for everyone. Although infants are still just learning to be mobile and interactive, you can set up activities that will entertain both the kids and moms. Keep in mind that most activities will require direct mommy supervision.

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Activities for Teenage Youth Groups

Teen youth groups provide opportunities for members to grow and learn while working toward a common goal. While many teen youth groups are affiliated with churches, a religious tone isn’t necessary. Most activities for a teen youth group support the mission of the group and help members gain a better sense of community, leadership or camaraderie.

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Self-Esteem Activities for Teens

German psychoanalyst Erik Erikson developed a theory of psychosocial development that charted healthy and unhealthy human development over the course of a lifetime. He charted eight stages, including a stage through which many people pass during adolescence, that of identity versus identity diffusion. In this stage, teens must draw from inner and outer resources to develop a system of morality and form their identities. Self-esteem activities help teenagers during this difficult developmental stage.

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Activities After School

While after-school activities provide your child with an opportunity to relieve stress and have fun after the school day has ended, they do more than that. Participating in after-school activities not only lowers your child’s risk of becoming depressed or engaging in risky behaviors, participation can also improve your child’s attitude about learning, increase her academic performance and raise her self-esteem, according to Scholastic.com.

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Self-Esteem Activities for Children

KidsHealth defines self-esteem as how you value yourself, how important you think you are, and how you feel about your achievements. Any activity designed to build kids’ self-esteem should keep that definition in mind. Children should feel better about themselves as the result of participating in the activity. For many kids, that will mean more benefits from activities that are cooperative rather than competitive.