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Information on Family Medical Leave

Job security can be a major issue for working moms and dads who have a medical situation that requires extended care. Family medical leave may allow you to take the time you need without risking your job or your benefits. Depending on your situation, you may be able to take family medical leave if someone in your family needs you to assist with health care responsibilities.

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Abnormal Pap During Pregnancy

As a woman of child-bearing age, you have likely had your fair share of Pap smears. While most Pap smear tests come back normal, on occasion, women who received abnormal pap smear results require additional medical testing and perhaps even treatment. If you receive an abnormal pap smear result while pregnant, don’t panic. While your result could be the sign of something serious, it could also be no cause for concern at all. Abnormal Pap smear results during pregnancy are not unheard of, and many of the tests and treatments associated with these results can be administered to moms-to-be.

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Financial Help for Single Pregnant Women

A single pregnant woman can have a difficult time of it financially. Aside from housing expenses and money for food, you will have additional medical expenses for prenatal care. Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally stressful time for any woman. If you have the added worry of not being able to manage financially, it can be an even more stressful period in your life. Fortunately, there are free and low-cost programs available for pregnant women who are eligible to receive help.

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Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy in Women Over 35

If you are trying to get pregnant after the age of 35, it generally triggers the need for additional medical testing and supervision. Most pregnant women over 35, however, have healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Finding out you are pregnant past the age of 35 can sometimes be a surprise, but if you know what symptoms to look for, it will help you decide when it is time to take a pregnancy test.

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How Much Do Surrogate Mothers Get Paid?

Agreeing to become a surrogate mother means giving up approximately 10 months of your life to become pregnant, go through gestation, labor and delivery, and then give the baby to others who will become his parents. It is a life-changing experience for which the surrogate is compensated. Fees vary for different agencies, but in general all expenses for the pregnancy are paid, as well as a fee to the surrogate mother. Becoming a Surrogate