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When Going To Work Feels Like A Vacation

We cocoon at home in order to retreat and recharge from the stresses of work, school, and crazy texting drivers on the highway, right? Once upon on a time that might have been true. Recent studies have shown that for American moms today, not so much. The study, conducted by researcher Sarah Damaske at the Council on Contemporary Families, measured the cortisol of 122 workers of various socioeconomic levels at work and at home. Across …

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What Wedding Season Means For Parents

Oh, April. The blooming trees. The pretty flowers. The longer, sunnier days.And the start of the wedding season.For parents, other peoples weddings bring unique stresses. The flawless embossed invitation arrives. A work of art, complete with your calligraphied name and address decorating the envelope like twining ivy, topped by a carefully love-themed stamp. A creation that the bride and groom clearly put more time, effort, creativity and cash into than a kitchen …

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Activities to Promote Self-Esteem in Girls

A girl’s self-esteem often decreases significantly in the preteen years, when body image becomes a primary focus. Media images, comparisons with friends and everyday stresses chip away at the average girl’s self-image. Activities to build self-esteem can help girls face these issues either in a group instructional setting or individually at home.

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How Do I Get Kids to Eat Vegetables and Fruits?

The likelihood of a dinnertime meltdown of confirmed vegaphobes increases proportionally to the number of green foods on his plate. Broccoli, spinach and Brussels sprouts are healthy foods that look attractive on the plate — and stay there. You need to use your culinary wiles to get your picky eaters to eat a healthy diet sometimes, but extra efforts pay off in their good health and your peace of mind.