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Early Signs of a Pregnancy

If you miss a period, that’s a hallmark sign that a baby is on the way. However, you may start to experience additional signs of pregnancy shortly after your conceive, sometimes within a mere three weeks, according to the Mayo Clinic. Every woman’s body is different, so no two pregnancies will be exactly the same.

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How to Deal With a Troubled Teen

The teenage years are times of intense changes, which are not restricted to physical growth. Teenagers experience growth intellectually as well as socially and morally. All these changes can make the transition from adolescence to adulthood difficult. When dealing with teenagers who are going through difficult times, remember what it was like to be a teenager and that you may have to accept the limitations of your teen. It can also help to remember that eventually the teenage years will be over.

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Symptoms of the First Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life as she undergoes a host of physical and emotional changes. According to the American Pregnancy Association, many women notice these changes at the onset of pregnancy within the first week, though they might not realize the changes are due to being pregnant. Still, others may have few symptoms this early on to mark their entrance into impending motherhood.

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Different Types of Infant Formulas

Whether weaning your infant off breast-feeding, doing a combo of breast milk and store-bought or not nursing at all, you’re likely going to have to choose an infant formula for your baby. Bombarded with advertising from formula brands galore, the decision can seem overwhelming. Go ahead and take those free samples and coupons from the hospital–but remember, the bottom line is there are really just a few major types of infant formulas.