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The Proper Way to Administer Eye Drops to Children

As something approaches your open eye, your natural reaction is to close to to protect your eye. This makes administering eye drops to children particularly difficult. When your doctor prescribes eye drops, you need to give them to your child on schedule, whether she likes it or not. You may need a firm hand to keep the eye open, but once you get the proper technique down, it will become much easier. Fortunately, the eye heals quickly, so you probably won’t have to use the drops for long.

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Graduation is upon us…. but so is the pandemic!

Regardless of where you live, the pandemic is continuing to have an impact. Last year at this time, two of my six kids were impacted by graduation ceremonies being canceled. One child was finishing high school, another was wrapping up life as an elementary school student. In our house, it meant no ceremonies, no proms,…

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How to Nip Sibling Battles in the Bud

The following guest post is from Dr. Laura Nathanson Siblings are supposed to fight. Aren't they? Isn't that why Nature gave us backseats in cars? That's how it seems in the media. It's a running joke. In real life, many parents really want their children to get along together, but are quick to add that…