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At What Week of Pregnancy Can You Tell if it’s a Girl or Boy?

Many expectant parents are excited to find out whether they are having a baby boy or a baby girl. While some enjoy the surprise of finding out their baby’s sex at birth, others are anxious to find out their baby’s gender as early as possible. There are many old wives’ tales that are quick to offer a prediction of your baby’s sex, but with today’s scientific advancements there are many accurate ways to determine your baby’s sex as early as the 10th week of pregnancy.

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Women, Girls and the Cost of Being Female

A recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute offered a startling calculation: the world can gain $12 trillion by 2025 simply by empowering women and achieving gender parity in the work place and our homes. This is big news for international leaders, multinational corporations, banking conglomerates – and moms and daughters everywhere. “The Power of…

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Autism and Pre-Teens

Do kids with autism go through some typical pre-teen changes? I'd say the answer is yes. Your kids are still kids. Mine just turned twelve and here are some things I've noticed in the last year. --More arguing --More questioning of "why" he has to do something --Testing his boundaries more than ever --A desire…

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George Kotsiopoulos Talks Fashion and Laundry

George Kotsiopoulos from E! Fashion Police took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to give us some fashion and laundry tips for the ModernMom! Tell me something I don’t know about doing laundry. You can actually wash most of the stuff you think you can’t. And did you know that fabric softener reduces wrinkles and…