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Tomorrowland Delivers Thrills, Adventure and Hope

What happens when you combine George Clooney, Brad Bird and Walt Disney Studios? You get a visually extraordinary movie that peaks your imagination. Tomorrowland is a science-fiction adventure that follows a smart and optimistic dreamer, Casey, (played by Britt Robertson) who is transported into a futuristic incredible world where the impossible is possible. George Clooney plays…

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Exclusive: Jennifer Garner on Life’s Messy Adventures

You’ve seen posters and billboards for Jennifer Garner’s new Disney Film,The Odd Life of Timothy Green, but you’re not quite sure what it’s about, right? The story follows a couple who deeply desires a child, but have found themselves unable to conceive. One rainy night, they take a notepad and write out all of the qualities they imagined their child would have, and bury them in a box. Much to the couple’s surprise, they soon find out that a real life boy has grown form their box of dreams.