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How To Survive (And Defuse) Your Toddler’s Worst Tantrums

Before I got married I had six theories about raising children; now, I have six children and no theories. John WilmontThe toddler tornado has hit my home. There are two whirlwinds now. One two and one four. They compete over toys, food, affection and when it suits them, combine their energies into one giant parent-trap storm.When my two-year old was younger, my husband and I praised our daughters strong nature and joked …

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May Astrology

Our galactic vessel has landed on the rocky shores of May 2013, and its strange territory indeed. Oh you may ask, what happened to those nice Druid Beltane and May Day festivals? This fracas of Saturn and Mars will start off the early days of this month with a clash of symbols, i.e. the impulsive son, whose restrictive and disciplinarian dad is taking him to task.

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April Astrology

What a charged up month it is, this April, with several planets in the impulsive do or die sign of pioneer Aries. Coming off of the intense full moon of last week, with the fertility rites of spring just behind us, symbolized by “Eostre” the Teutonic goddess of fertility whose totem was the rabbit.