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Recommended Toys for Autistic Children

Autism is a developmental disability. According to the Autism Society, it affects the functioning of the brain and typically appears within the first two years of life. In addition to being manifested in difficulties in both verbal and non-verbal communication, people with autism can have difficulties in social interactions and leisure or play activities. Because of the difficulties with play activities, choosing the right toy for an autistic child can mean making playtime less difficult and more enjoyable.

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How Much Exercise Do Kids Need?

Physical activity offers kids many benefits, including strong bones and muscles, weight control and a lowered risk for health problems down the road. Exercise in a child’s life also promotes an overall physically active lifestyle they can carry into adulthood. Many childhood activities involve physical activity. You don’t need a stopwatch to get an exact length of time your child exercises each day, but keep the general guidelines in mind if you’re concerned about your child’s activity level.

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Organization Tips for a Child’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is a place to slumber, to play, to create and to enjoy quiet time. Organize a child’s bedroom based on the child’s current needs and interests. Organizational furniture and storage units should not be selected based on functionality. Before organizing the child’s bedroom, remove all items. Clean windows and wash curtains. Repaint the walls to give the room a fresh start. Donate or give away any old items which the child no longer needs or uses.