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Can Certain Hair Products Cause Hair Loss in Men?

Many men notice a decrease in scalp hair as they age. Thinning hair and baldness have a variety of causes, ranging from heredity to the use of certain products. Determining what is causing your hair loss is the first step in identifying and treating this condition. In some instances, changing your styling techniques and switching your hair care products may help solve your problem.

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Hair Products to Help Growth & Stop Breakage

There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to growing out your hair. Whether you’re growing out a short haircut or hoping for long, flowing locks, hair growth takes time. Proper care and the right products can help keep your hair healthy, maximize growth and reduce breakage to keep your hair at its best and reduce your frustrations during this process.

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Products for Long Hair Growth

It may be easier to grow your hair out — particularly if you have plans to let it get really long — if you use products that reduce breakage, provide moisture, and maintain health. There is no magic pill that will speed up your hair’s growth, but some simple practices will help your hair look its best while working to achieve your goal.

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Tips on Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Being a mom usually means having less time for yourself. Many women find that motherhood means sacrificing many of the little extras such as beauty and hair treatments. If motherhood has begun to cramp your beauty regime, you may have noticed that your hair has suffered the consequences. By keeping a few basic tips in mind you can keep your hair healthy and still have time to run with the kids.

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Coarse Hair Treatment

The thickness of the hair cuticle, which is the outer layer of your hair, determines how fine or coarse each strand of hair appears. While coarse hair may appear thicker and fuller than fine hair, it can also be difficult to style and keep healthy. Both chemical and topical treatments can help tame and enhance your coarse hair.