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Alleviate Puffy Eyes

The puffy-eye look is definitely not a fashion trend. That swollen, under-the-eye baggy appearance can detract from the overall effect of a woman’s most carefully applied make-up. It can leave both men and women uncomfortable about having to face the day. What’s even worse, sometimes discomfort can go along with the puffy eyes. Fortunately, the condition is usually a temporary one with a variety of readily available remedies.

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A Matter of Life: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Motherhood can be a dream. Nothing compares to welcoming your own children into the world, to watching them take their first steps, to hearing their first words, to seeing them make friends, go to school, graduate, begin their careers, start families of their own... Motherhood can also be a nightmare. Nothing is more agonizing than…

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Holiday Budget Prep: 3 Things You Should Do Now

The holidays always seem to creep up out of nowhere, which can leave you feeling stressed and over budget if you don’t prepare ahead. And, even though U.S. consumers are feeling financially strained as a result of the pandemic, people are planning to spend more to make this holiday season even more special. According to…

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Six Important Acupressure Points for Babies and Children

Children are our life and as parents, we will do anything to prevent them from suffering. There are times when medication is not the answer to alleviating discomfort within our children because of the side effects and reactions that may occur.  As a mom of two little boys, and as a Holistic Medicine Practitioner, I…

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Upper Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy

If you have upper abdominal pain during pregnancy, it’s not necessarily to automatically switch into panic mode, according to the March of Dimes. But any severe and long-lasting stomach pain or discomfort accompanied by dizziness or bleeding is considered a medical emergency; prompt medical help is essential in such circumstances to protect you and your future son or daughter.