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The Best and Worst Strollers

Due to a lack of research on my part and a changing family situation, I think weve spent enough money on strollers that we could have sponsored a whole village in Africa. In retrospect that would have been a much better use of our funds. Here is what I have learned, take it or leave it, but hopefully you can spend your dollars more wisely than we did. As a side note, I am not affiliated with, on the take from, or in any way connected (that Im aware of) to any of these companies.

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How to Choose a School for My Child

The school your child attends affects his success and the overall experience, especially if your child has special needs. Choosing a school with the environment and services to support your child increases his chances of success. Your location plays a role in school selection. Urban areas offer a greater selection of school types, such as public, private, magnet and alternative schools. Home schooling is also an option with regulations varying by state. Consider your child’s needs when narrowing down schooling options.