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Gone too far? The crazy (and sometimes unhealthy) things celebrities do to lose weight and get in shape

Numerous celebrities will admit to the pressure of maintaining seemingly trim figures. After the world saw Oprah shrink, expand, shrink, expand, and then finally say, "I'm never dieting again," we had front row seats for what it must be like to feel constantly judged for your appearance. For various reasons, here are some of the…

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Passover Games & Lessons for Kids

The Passover holiday, with its Seder celebration, is perhaps the most well-known of all the Jewish holidays. Passover commemorates the freedom of the Jews from 400 years of slavery in Egypt. You can read about this story in the Book of Exodus in the Bible. Passover refers to the angel of death passing over the homes of Jewish people and sparing their firstborn during the final of 10 plagues. Passover lasts for eight days, during which time the Jewish people observe certain rituals. Children learn lessons, often in the form of games, during this time.