3 mins read

Proper Workout Apparel for Women

If you’ve ever decided to go for a run wearing a normal, everyday bra, you know the importance of a well-fitting sports bra. The other garments you wear during a workout are just as important for comfort and to prevent injury as well. You wouldn’t go for a walk in your office heels, nor should you run in a pair of shoes made for walking.

2 mins read

Every Sport Under the Sun: Keeping it Organized

Between baseball, football, tennis, and basketball, my son needs his own social secretary just to run his extracurricular activities. Sadly, thats me! And although my daughter only plays tennis and basketball, she too has her share of uniforms, practice outfits, sneakers and gear. Whats the best way to organize all this equipment, not to mention the logistics? Here are my tips to help you through every sporting season under the sun: