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Seven Parent-Approved Games Your Teens Should Be Playing

The first question most parents ask when it comes to teens and video games is whether the game is appropriate. Video games are often stereotyped as violent, but more and more of them are challenging that old association. Many games feature complex, nuanced storytelling. They educate players about important topics like free will, gender politics and self-expression, and teach skills like improved visual processing, problem solving and fortitude. A growing amount of research shows that …

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The Kid (And Mom) Approved Snack List

As most of you know by now, Im a mamma with three little ones in school full time. And as most of you might also know if youve read any of my previous blog entries, I actually DO wake up in the middle of the night in a slight panic thinking about what they ate that day.

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10 Quick & Healthy Mom-Approved School Lunches

Based on conversations Ive been having with other moms, preparing healthy school lunches seems to have a lot in common with New Years resolutions; making them is the easy part. Being consistent about packing lunches day in and day out is not. That said, how have you been doing? Still packing healthy lunches? Just packing them once or twice a week? Running out of recipe ideas?

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FAA Approved Toddler Car Seats

Most parents take every precaution to ensure their children are safe in appropriate car seats when traveling by car. But what about when traveling by plane? The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends that all children under 40 pounds use an FAA approved child restraint system (CRS) when flying. According to the FAA, children less than 20 pounds should sit in a rear-facing CRS and children who weigh 20 to 40 pounds should sit in a forward-facing CRS. Toddlers must sit in a forward-facing car seat—not a booster seat. The majority of booster seats use a lap and shoulder belt for proper positioning and these belts are only found in cars, not airplanes. If you’re traveling with a toddler, make sure the seat fits the height and weight of your child and that it’s FAA approved. Seats will not say “FAA Approved” on them, but will say something like, “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.” Here are some popular FAA approved toddler car seats.