5 mins read

Tips For Road Trips With Kids

Summer is upon us and vacations are being planned as we speak! The meaning of a summer vacation is quite different now that I have kids. When I was younger, I would envision my summer vacations to look something like an MTV music video. Now the resemblance is more like a National Lampoon's Vacation movie.…

6 mins read

Tips For A Fun Day At The Zoo

Going to the zoo with my family to kick off summer break has been a tradition for us since our oldest child was a baby. We always have so much fun watching as the kids take in all the animals and their, at times, very comical quirks. I myself love to observe the mama animals…

4 mins read

5 Tips for Getting Your Toddler to Nap

Sometimes getting a toddler to go down for their afternoon nap can be trying and exhausting. Ive run into this recently with my 2 year old son. He has been in a bed for about 5 months and over that 5 month period there are days when I dont need to go to the gym because Ive gone up and down our stairs 20 times to tell him to get back into bed. But I must say this happens fairly infrequently because I follow the steps below:<