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How to Make Easter Flower Arrangements

Decorating your home for Easter is easy with fresh and colorful spring arrangements. These Easter flower arrangements are ideal to decorate your home for an Easter celebration, or to simply enjoy throughout the spring, making the most of the early blooms of the season. Integrate your own family traditions into these Easter flower arrangements to make them even more meaningful for your family. You may even be able to collect the materials for this arrangement around your home and yard! What you’ll neeed:

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Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Marriage Arrangements for Son

Gwyneth Paltrow has high hopes that her son Moses, 4, will marry Faith Hill’s daughter Audrey, 9. The two women have been spending so much time together lately that the kids have really taken a liking to one another. My son is in love with your daughter! Gwyneth tells Faith, who interviewed her for January’s issue of InStyle. Moseswe might really become family when he marries Audrey!