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Welsh Baby Girl Names

The petite country of Wales rests along the northern coast of Great Britain and is home to beautiful landscapes and some intriguing baby-girl name choices. If you are seeking a name for your new daughter that is a bit different from those that commonly fill classroom rosters, consider a Welsh option. Whether you and your partner once shared a vacation to Wales, you have Welsh blood pumping through your veins or you just want something outside the norm, a Welsh name is a wise choice.

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Jobs & Money Making Ideas for Kids of All Ages!

Want your child to learn some responsibility? Does your child constantly ask you for money for mall outings? Does your kid really think money grows on trees? If youve answered yes to any of these questions, weve got the perfect solution help your kid get a job! A job instills responsibility, independence, discipline and a self-pride into kids that they cant get anywhere else. They will also begin to understand how hard you work as parents and will stop taking you for granted. Additionally, their entrepreneurial endeavors may pleasantly surprise you and have you beaming to your friends about how proud you are! Here are some great ideas for jobs, for kids of all ages!