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How to Create a Stunning Photo or Artwork Wall

The gallery wall is one of the most creative and fun home design elements of 2016 that’s carried into 2017. Basically, this design feature is an aesthetically pleasing assembly of photos and artwork that takes up a large portion of your wall, usually in a hallway or in the main living area. It’s a great…

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Kate Moss Pricey Praising Tactics for Lila Graces Artwork

Is there such thing as too much positive reinforcement? Kate Moss reportedly enlisted British company Kinbote’s Bespoke Art Commentary Service, a supplier of personalized art critiques, to give daughter Lila Grace, 5, some props for her artwork. The company charges roughly $260 for a friendly analytic review of children’s masterpieces, according to Los Angeles magazine. Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton, mom to twins Honor and Xavier, 9, has also employed Kinbote’s services.

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Healthy Pizza Recipe For Picky “Just The Crust” Kids

The other day my kids were out with a friend whose family took them to pizza for dinner. One of my daughters is picky, and its not always easy to get her to eat food with a lot of nutritional value – shed be happy to eat crackers or candy all day!The other mom reported back to me excitedly that my daughter had eaten a ton – lots of the dough of the pizza …