9 mins read

How to Achieve Balance

If pressed to name only one thing for which modern moms are not given enough credit, I’d say it’s their circus skills. At a minimum, mothers regularly find themselves juggling the emotional and physical well-being of one or more children; ringleading a household and all activities occurring within and without; playing the clown for an…

3 mins read

Returning From an Injury for a Teenager with Autism

My son broke his foot at the end of January. It was a hard time for him. He’s a kid who loves movement. He takes breaks to help regulate his body. Usually, he does this on his Razor scooter. What happened in school? He had to use crutches for two weeks, and after two weeks…

6 mins read

Is My Child Being Bullied? How Do I Help?

When I walked in to my daughter attempting suicide due to extreme bullying, I was horrified and heartbroken. Most of all, I was surprised and felt guilty that I had missed that anything of this magnitude was happening in her life. Bullying has been around forever, heck, I was bullied as a kid, but bullying…

8 mins read

7 Reasons Parenting a Toddler is an Exercise in Insanity

Jerry Seinfeld once said that “a two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.”  And that phrase is permanently etched into my mind. Have truer words ever been spoken about toddlers? Because he’s right, of course.  We all have to be slightly mad to get through the…

2 mins read

How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Breast Feeding?

Breast feeding is hard work for your body and, as such, you burn extra calories while doing it. Many women depend upon this extra calorie burn as a way to jump-start their baby weight loss. To ensure that you can produce enough milk for your infant, you must also feed your body right to ensure that you have the extra calories to spare.