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Can’t We Be Girl Scouts and Barbies?

Mattel and Girl Scouts of America announced a new $2 million, three-year partnership in March. The topline is pretty simple: girls in a local scout troupe can earn a new Barbie Be Anything, Do Everything participation patch to sew on their uniforms. Sounds great to me. A simple way for an underfunded non-profit to earn some serious coin to keep doing good for Americas girls. So why does this partnership spew controversy? Actually, there …

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I Am WAY Celebrating The Return Of Football Season

A reply to Amy Weitman’s I am NOT Celebrating the Return of Football Season I enjoyed your article on the beginning of football season. I really did. It was funny and I understood your pain, and can guarantee that my wife can relate on almost every example. Now let me shed a little light on why you should be more understanding and supportive of your husband, who also happens to be one of my best friends. Perhaps it will make things better, perhaps it will make you more frustrated. Either way, I am happy to try.

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Special Toys for Blind Children

Just like sighted children, blind children learn much about their world through the use of toys. By selecting toys with a child’s visual impairment in mind, parents can ensure that the special toy they give the child is more than just a temporary amusement. It will also be an educational and developmentally enriching tool.