8 mins read

Generation Tech – Balancing Real Life and Social Media

Generation Tech, the manipulation of reality and a love affair with Instagram. From filters and air brushing, to color enhancing and reshaping.  Who are we really and what are we trying to say? The average American checks their social media platforms 17 times a day and spends 102 minutes in a world with pretend friends…scary! …

7 mins read

Nick Lachey: We Definitely Want More Kids!

I love a hands-on dad… a dad that changes diapers, actually knows the babys routine and gushes over their little one. So I was thrilled to find that 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey is just that type of dad! I talked to Nick about everything from his must-have baby products and his new lullaby album to his TV show and his latest tour. This new dad is like any modern mom, trying to balance career and family. And I have to say he seems to be handling it pretty well. Working Dad

14 mins read

Meet Harris Faulkner: News Anchor and Mom

Talk to Harris Faulkner for less than a minute, and you will know why she is an award-winning American news anchor for Fox News Channel. There is a warm, comforting tone to her voice as she delivers an intelligent and witty interplay of words backed by a genuine passion for what she does.

4 mins read

My Son’s First Kiss

I have to confess: I was a witness to my teenage son’s first kiss, and it was bizarre, to say the very least. There he was, pulling the girl close to him with one hand, tenderly caressing her jawline with the other… and then, the kiss.