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Why Husbands Make the Best Earmuffs

My parents left yesterday after a two and half week visit. Mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner (and all the other dinners in between) and set up my Christmas tree. Dad fixed everything around the house that was broken, and what he broke while here (I swear my toilet automatically shuts down when it hears my fathers voice).

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Healthy Snacking for Energy & Fitness

Being fit means being able to do what you want to do. Whether you’re aiming to start an exercise program or simply to get your work done, it’s frustrating to be stymied by the effects of junk food and bad eating, which can drag you into a low-energy cycle. Switching to healthy snacking may boost your energy level and fitness. But first things first. quell that instinct that has you reaching for the four “Cs”: coffee, cola, cookies and chocolate. Sure, unhealthy snacks and beverages might boost your energy—in the short term. But they do so at the cost of your mood, health and long-term energy levels. Avoid feeding a caffeine addiction or the “sugar blues.” Get into a program of healthy snacking for energy and fitness by following these realistic tips.