7 mins read

Avoiding the Top 10 Mommy Faux Pas

As a mom of three and etiquette consultant, I have become a therapist of sorts. I find myself being discreetly led away by the arm, into a quiet nook at our elementary school and lending a sympathetic ear to another mom as they relay their blunders, their childs indiscretions or mommy faux pas.

2 mins read

Acid Reflux While Pregnant

For some women, pregnancy proves not only to be a heart-warming experience, but also a heart-burning one. Bouts of acid reflux while pregnant leave many women feeling the pain and eager for a solution to their woes. If you find that your enjoyment of pregnancy is marred by a burning you can’t ignore, you may be one of the many who find acid reflux a common occurrence during gestation.

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10 Tips To Keep Children Safe from Sexual Abuse

Keeping your children safe from child predators sounds like a scary proposition, but it doesnt have to be. We used to teach children about stranger danger, but studies have shown that most sexual abuse occurs at the hands of someone known to the child. He might seem like the friendliest teacher, neighbor, uncle or coach. Unfortunately, this person, who is always showing an interest in your child and working to develop trust, can sometimes be a child predator. It is difficult for adults to recognize these people for who they really are, and of course, it is even more difficult for children. Just as we teach children about the dangers associated with crossing the street or going near a hot oven, we must talk to them about recognizing and avoiding threatening encounters with child predators. I have a short list of “tips” that have helped me talk to my children about safety. Here are some suggestions: